what is daap

The OpenDAAP forum is a venue for all people and companies making clients or servers that implement the Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) first popularized by Apple's iTunes.

why daap is important

Network music sharing on a local LAN is not hard to do — that's the problem. Every company is currently inventing their own incompatible solution. Imagine if, instead of the standard red and white analog RCA connectors, every piece of HiFi equipment used a different standard, with different connectors, different voltage levels, and different signal encodings. Life would be hell for the customers. Equipment from one vendor wouldn't work with equipment from another vendor. Sometimes two pieces of equipment from different divisions of the same company wouldn't work together. Because of that, people woudn't buy much equipment, so the market for HiFi equipment would be tiny. How many Playstations would Sony sell if you could only connect them to Sony televisions (and only certain Sony models at that)? And... if there were no market for Sony Playstations, what market would there be for Playstation games?

how to participate

Where should you go from here? Get involved, find out who is doing what. Here is a list of current activities. If you find something or someone is missing - send us a link.

Ongoing Open Source projects:

To date, Apple has officially licensed the DAAP protocol to only one third party vendor: Roku.

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